What we do

To keep Earth from heating by more than 2°C, from 2020 onwards we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6% every year. That’s incredibly much, even the drastic Corona lockdown yielded “only” 5%.

There are enough technologies and innovative products

But they don’t spread sufficiently fast. Why? Politics, the economy and the general public don’t act with the necessary force. Otherwise incentivization, regulation and investment would visibly change our economy on a weekly basis (read on). We’d rally behind a collaborative effort that’s without alternative.

Why is there no alternative?

We’re directly headed to 2.6 to 3.9°C heating. That means that densely populated areas in many countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the US become uninhabitable or flooded, Billions will seek a new home, extreme weather events, bushfires the size of nations, and record-breaking hurricanes happen more frequently and become more deadly. Even in temperate zones, droughts will kill off harvests and forests every summer.

Focus: Awareness and mobilization

We support founders and projects that use technology and startup experience to find innovative ways to inform many people and empower them to save the world.

It must be attractive and fun
to fight for our future.

Stronger together
We work like a startup
  • Goal-driven performance culture
  • Iterative, agile processes and best practices
  • A talent pool with experience in fast-growing environments
  • We want to be an example for others to use their startup experience for our future.
  • What do we do differently? Imagine Zero is about measurable impact, money is only a means to an end. We’re not-for-profit and not politically affiliated.
Our ideal project leverages the time of volunteers

The core of Imagine Zero is to leverage a huge ressource: The time, energy and ability of people who would like to engage but so far lack impactful opportunities:

  • We enable founders to focus on our future instead of making yet another new product more profitable.
  • Our projects follow our core principle: They empower citizens to use their time to fight the climate crisis.

Want to stay tuned?