What did we do until now?

Our members met in successful startups, companies and of course through friends. In our previous jobs, we solved interesting problems in teams of diverse experiences and skills. We grew products for consumers and companies worldwide – mostly digital but also successful brands you know from the supermarket.

We experienced how pressure to perform can achieve a lot of impact and rapid learning. But also how little those skills could be used to do good – so far. With Imagine Zero we change that for ourselves and others.

Our skills against the climate crisis

With Imagine Zero we make the best of our abilities, skills, networks and way of working. In the past our KPI (key performance indicator) was revenue, now it’s anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. We can use growth pressure and our experience with scalable digital solutions to tackle humanity’s biggest challenge together.

Portrait of Alexander Thiel

Alexander Thiel

I love finding elegant solutions to complex problems. In my last positions as CTO I served teams of dozens of inspiring, smart people. I started coding when I was a kid and founded my first business at 17 before studying computer science at TU München. I work in teams that reflect, have a strong feedback culture and push themselves to move faster.

For most of my life I didn’t know how crystal-clear climate science is since at least the 1970s. Like many, I thought it’s going to somehow work out. In 2019 Andre and I dug into the topic. When we realized we’re in the process of destroying our own civilization, I stopped ignoring the issue for its unpleasantness and decided to take action.

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Andre Reichel

Andre Reichel

I always wanted to help out, hands on. This has always been a guiding principle for me. In school I became curious about how economic and social systems interact. Therefore I decided to study Economics and spend months working in India with local initiatives that improved people’s livelihoods. Using my understanding of complex systems to find the best solutions for a local problem was an inspiring experience. Back in Hamburg, I continued my Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Nonprofit and Public Studies and gained more work and volunteer experience in classic nonprofits, grassroots and the social startup scene.

In 2019 I put my mind on the climate crisis and I wondered why this historic threat didn’t lead to an explosion in engagement.
Now, I empower others to engage and see people everyday who want to change the world. That inspires me.

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Lorenzo Fossati

I am a product manager with a solid engineering background and a core contributor to Imagine Zero, where I focus on bringing (some of) the incubated projects to life. During the years I’ve gained experience across different industries (fintech, e-commerce, mobility), business models and technologies in fast-moving agile environments. I love working hands-on, solving problems, and finding new things to learn every day.

Climate change is a phenomenon my generation has been aware of since our very early days in school, and we’re all expected to take action at some point. My goal with Imagine Zero is to build and scale projects that give information about economically viable, high-potential scientific solutions against global warming, while being as free as possible from ideology, rhetorics and over-simplification.

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Daniel Dembach

Being an experienced software engineer and long-time manager, I started dabbling with web development in the nineties. Nowadays, my main professional focus is enabling members of the teams I work with to use their skills and talents to build cool products people want to use.

Habitually bridging the gap between technology, business and actual user needs, I have become more of a translator and facilitator than a programmer.

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Our Heroes

Imagine Zero wouldn’t be possible without amazing people helping part-time.

Rebecca Dembach

I am an expert brand storyteller. After graduating in philosophy in 2013, I have attended JvM Academy for two years and worked at Jung von Matt as a communication consultant and strategist. As such, it is my job to help clients understand the needs of their customers and how to address them while sharpening their brands.

In the last couple of years, I have been working with various communication agencies for a diverse range of consumer and B2B brands.

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Edgar Heinz

After studying communication design in Hamburg, I started my professional life at Jung von Matt to learn how to reach people with visual communication. Soon, the reach and impact of tech startups excited me enough to work on building and communicating digital products. It allowed me to design great things across a range of topics, including event design, web, merchandise, animations and advertising.

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Jeanette Cejchan

I’m doing copywriting for 12 years now, including marketing, advertising, digital products and consumer goods. In the last years, I collected a lot of experience in coordinating large translation projects and leading teams of copywriters. I love art, heavy metal, LARP, archery, writing and My Little Pony Customs. 🙂

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Nils Penner

Both as a designer and software engineer, I love finding simple solutions to complex problems and challenging others to do the same. I worked on web design, logo and branding and it was my special pleasure to design logos and brand elements for Imagine Zero, Matcha and FlyGood.

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Our Advisors

Johannes Heinen

MD at Curious Capital and MD at Heinen Verlag.

Technology is decisive in stopping climate change. In the face of such a historic challenge, everybody should contribute their skills and resources to the solution.
Therefore I am happy to use my experiences as a startup-founder, venture capital investor and media executive to assist Imagine Zero in using scalable technologies to develop better solutions.

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Roman Geugelin

COO at EcoRetail

Alexander, Andre and the rest of the team invest boundless energy into tackling climate change and it’s inspiring to help.
Alexander did a good job convincing me of the urgency behind his vision early last year. I realized that we have to take action and that Alexander will succeed in recruiting like-minded professionals. Now it’s exciting to see how the right intentions and focus on execution lead to fast impact.

That’s what I did in tech startups as CRO and VP Sales at Frachtraum and Wunder Mobility. Imagine Zero gave me a new perspective on the term impact.

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Michael O. Coop Cooper

Executive Leadership Coach

With two decades of coaching experience, I help innovators and influencers run their businesses, manage their teams, I help smart, successful people grow personally and scale regenerative business systems that keep people focused, energized, and productive.

Imagine Zero inspires me and with my extensive experience in building and leading a nonprofit organization, I can deploy a wide variety of my skills to further its mission.

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