Strength in Numbers

  • Only policy and incentives will get us to net-zero in time.
  • It’s on NGOs to mobilize for the changes needed.
  • Startup NGOs achieve 10x+ the impact at lower cost.
  • We have a track record of scaling global startups.

We build efficient NGOs to fight the climate crisis.

Measurable Impact

Evidence-based, proven, positive impact. Too many nonprofits have little effect.


Our projects allow professionals to deploy their skills for good.

Strength in Numbers

Our projects enable participation at scale. People’s time becomes measurable impact.


We’re a registered charity and donations to Imagine Zero e.V. are tax-deductible

Building for scale

With our networks, we ideate and scrutinize cases with the help of our venture assessment experience, Design Thinking, and Design Sprints. We execute customer-centric and data-driven in weekly iterations to learn and adapt quickly. Be it online marketing, growth hacking, or agile software engineering: Nothing’s more exciting than using startup skills to fight the climate crisis.

Portrait of Alexander Thiel
Alexander Thiel

Alexander built and grew global startups. For him Imagine Zero fulfills a promise not many startups deliver on: to actually improve the world.

With 14y of coding experience and a BSc in CS from TU München, Alexander grew and worked in startups from Seed to $60M Series-B as MD and CTO. LinkedIn.

Andre Reichel

Andre is passionate about empowering others. He builds lasting relationships with activists and project teams by supporting, guiding and connecting them.

With BBA from UHH, Andre worked and volunteered on NGO projects in India and Germany, including Viva Agua XR, and F:AKT. LinkedIn.

Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet is amazing with numbers, a CPA, and a hard-working senior manager. No better source of inspiration to build a strong team.

With a MSAcc from ASU, Gurpreet made a difference as senior manager, Chief of Staff, and SVP at successful corporates and startups allike. LinkedIn.

3,000+ hours donated by professionals.
4 projects live.

Matcha (🇩🇪) makes the climate movement accessible by explaining the most relevant organizations and activities.

FlyGood (🇩🇪) supercharges carbon compensation with activists running awareness campaigns in self-service.

Phileas (🇩🇪) creates pen friendships to overcome walls between (climate) refugees and pupils.

GiveZero is a beautiful way of gifting an atmosphere with less greenhouse gases.

No better way of fighting the climate crisis than building scalable climate solutions with like-minded professionals.

Roman Geugelin

Roman is COO at Before, he was VP at Wunder Mobility, CRO at Frachtraum, and Business Strategist at Google.

If this is how NGOs work, I’m an activist.

Mathias Nitzsche

Mathias is VP Engineering at Delivery Hero. Before, he was CTO at Foodpanda, and Director Software Engineering at Rocket Internet.

I proudly support Imagine Zero in disrupting the NGO space.

Johannes Heinen

Johannes is Managing Director at Heinen-Verlag and Curious Capital. Before, he was CEO at StyleLounge and Senior Manager at Goodgame Studios.

Help us deploy the best people to the biggest job.

We know how to build successful, scalable projects. Our networks allow us to source professionals and activists. What’s missing is you: Bring in scrutiny, financial support and your network to tackle humanity’s biggest challenge.

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