Our Projects

Millions of people would like to invest time to stop the climate crisis but lack the right opportunities. We develop projects that empower people to make meaningful use of their time. Thanks to their voluntary contribution we can scale globally with reasonable investments. Of course all our projects are nonprofit.

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Matcha is a free, accessible web app that provides immediately actionable options to participate in climate organizations. Recommendations are easily personalized.


FlyGood enables activists to campaign for more sustainable air travel and passengers to offset their trip emissions. Their paths cross at airports, where activists inform passengers about the environmental consequences of frequent flying and collect electronic donations.


Digital Penfriendships between pupils and young refugees teach that we live on our planet together. Phileas enables schools worldwide to overcome borders to learn from each other.

Green Radar Chart

We visualize how green you are and encourage you to step up and share your progress with this accessible tool.
By balancing the rewards users get for each action, we can boost behavior that has the biggest direct or indirect impact on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. Rewarded actions range from household and mobility decarbonization to engagement in the climate movement, referrals, trainings, and propagating sustainability in the workplace.

Scalable Campaigning

We investigate gaps between brands’ sustainability image and reality. We directly activate their followers to reach out to raise awareness about these gaps, redirect them to better-performing competitors and spread the word.
By impacting good and bad players’ bottom line we reward the market for pledging to decarbonize supply chains.

Impact 1on1

Impact 1on1 is a non-profit coaching and consulting offering. It will help mission-critical NGOs with free-of charge, time-bound advising and project-based support. Gigs range from monthly sessions to closer project-based collaboration with several hours a week.

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