Overcome borders digitally!

Why participating?

  1. Show that you care about a future together.
  2. Share some of your warmth and experiences.
  3. Find some new friends 🙂

How does it work?

Phileas establishes the connection between you both. It all starts with a video chat.

Just write us a message and we will get in contact with your school. We provide an (online) kickoff in your class and afterwards you can start chatting.

You are perfectly prepared and can exchange your experience in class.

We provide you with all necessary information to have a great conversation.

We collected information on the participants’ countries, conversation topics and tipps. 

You can be sure that chatting won’t be boring!

And our team is always there. We always will help you out – we even have a psychologist on board.

Exchange experiences, learn something new and maybe become friends.

It will be a conversation that is unusual but only the unusual can give us another perspective. You might have some worries upfront but remember both of you are just young adults. You share basic needs like friendship and love. 

It’s totally up to you what happens after your first conversation. If it just didn’t click, that’s ok! You might use this chance and ask for another intro conversation.

Interested in participating?

You are approximately in the age of 14 – 20 and in school? Are you part of a regular class or a ‘internationale Vorbereitungsklasse’? We will bring Phileas to your classroom.

Sign up here and we will get in contact with your teacher.

Your data is safe with us. Read more over here.


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