Create mutual respect and appreciation.

About Phileas

Phileas was found in April 2020 from the urge to do something against the situation in refugee camps like Moria. We approach this situation with humanity.

To do so, Phileas connects young people across insurmountable borders and within Germany via smartphones, shapes future values and makes forgotten youths visible.

Phileas provides communication guidelines, organizes info events and collects feedback from all parties. To deal with problems, we have a professional trauma therapist on our team.

We’re now in the test phase. We exceed on Hamburg’s high school pupils to provide an real life teaching unit on our current geopolitical situation and with a partner of the nonprofit world we can provide a connection of the first groups and scale further. 

We’re not politically affiliated. We want to maximize our positive impact by running a lean and scalable operation at minimal cost. We’re a team of committed volunteers.

Phileas’ Goals

  • Connect humans
  • Raise media attention through innovative project
  • Create Visibility for refugees & their stories
    • Awareness in the general population
    • Relationships that overcome social distance
    • Show that society cares about refugees
  • Empower pupils to become world citizens
  • Improve circumstances in camps

Our Team

We’re a team of enthusiastic activists from Hamburg. We worked in educational and NGO contexts before and we’re super excited about helping pupils and refugees with Phileas.

Want to join Phileas?

You like the project? Please reach out to us.

Let’s talk about how you could be part of Phileas. Maybe you can become an Phileas ambassador in your city.

Who we work with


We partner up with UNHCR and local organisations to reach young refugees and underline our integrity throughout the process.

Are you working with a NGO related to refugees? Reach out to us!


We will provide a real life learning experience in german schools to raise awareness and to build a future society based of knowledge and acceptance.


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