Individual Action

I. Stay up-to-date

Knowledge Refresh

Our article Knowledge kickstart gets you up to speed on the past, present and possible future of the climate crisis.

Join the community

Again, check out our rich article Community with links to podcasts, slack communities and grassroots organizations.

With all that knowledge, let’s take action…

II. Engage

Matcha (🇩🇪) makes the climate movement accessible with a collection of the most relevant activities. Find out what fits your taste and schedule.

How much effort will you put in? Choose from “5 minutes” to “full-time”.

Fighting the fight? How about reducing your footprint?

III. Zero your emissions

Columbia University’s Earth Institute has this excellent article on how to consume climate-conscious.

FlyGood (🇩🇪, another one of our projects) lets you offset your flights.

With 50zero you easily go zero via a monthly subscription.

With GiveZero your presents clean the air instead of driving Climate Change. Another Imagine Zero project.

Fighting the fight? On to tailored opportunities…

IV. Use your skills

Recipes to make your company green

With so little time left, every company should work on the green revolution. This US-based organization coordinates this transition, provides case studies and is happy to advise on how to

Help founders and new initiatives

Among the friends of Imagine Zero are ProjectTogether and ClimateFounders. Both organizations help founders changing the world through innovation. And they always need skilled mentros. Check them out.

Are you an artist?

We created our Creative Brief with messaging, examples and facts to create impactful memes, videos or entire campaigns.

Music Declares Emergency is a network of artists, music professionals and organisations that demands promotes cultural change.

Julie’s Bicycle supports the creatives to act on climate by providing events, resources and public speaking engagements.

A lot of stuff. We hope to inspire and help you along the way in your personal climate journey! Any small step in the right direction helps and will lead to more over time. Did we forget something important? Please reach out!