Impact 1on1

Impact 1on1 is a non-profit coaching and consulting offering. It will help mission-critical NGOs with free-of charge, time-bound advising and project-based support. Gigs range from monthly sessions to closer project-based collaboration with several hours a week.

Impact 1on1 is a non-profit coaching and consulting offering to help mission-critical NGO with free-of charge, time-bound advising and project-based support. Gigs range from monthly sessions to closer project-based collaboration with several hours a week.

What NGOs do we target?

We focus on helping climate NGOs that have high potential to positively impact global decarbonization and that are at mission-critical points of their journey. Examples are phases of professionalization, expansion, new initiatives or participation in critical political processes with governments and corporations alike.

Who are our advisors?

We acquire advisors from our network. They offer help in these areas: business operations and management, growth, project management, product management, ideation, software development, data analysis and visualization, communication and visual design, coaching, people management, leadership, productivity tools.

How can NGO professionals get advise?

  1. Identify current and upcoming challenges.
  2. Reach out to one of us alongside some background on and the faced problems.
  3. We schedule a call and decide if and what format to use for a adviser relationship.


  • Seasoned professionals are willing to advise, coach and consult professionals from climate NGOs a few hours per month.
  • This generates long-lasting benefits for impact professionals.
  • New relationships can be established without central matchmaking.
  • Occasional surveys and a centralized 1on1 directory are enough to track the project.
  • Professionals from climate NGOs refer us to their networks.

Status & Next Steps

  • Finish landing page with advisor profiles (currently we have 8 commitments).
  • Identify target NGOs.
  • Reach out via our network.
  • Establish relationships.
  • Survey NGOs and advisors to learn and iterate.
  • Adapt and scale!

These people help

Alexander Thiel

CTO, Angel Investor, Founder and daily contributor.

Lorenzo Fossati

Senior Product & project manager, Daily contributor.

How we work together

  • At Imagine Zero
    • We work full-time and are responsive to your needs
    • We have daily standups
    • We use issue tracking to organize our work
  • If you want to manage this project, we want you to
    • Define clear commitments and communication preferences you can reasonably stick to
    • Decide what cadence suits you and the the rest of the team
    • Measure impact of existing coaching relationships.
    • Create a concept on how to scale this project to have more impact.
  • We all work for free.
  • We have access to possible donors and funds, talk to us!
  • We have good access to marketing, sales, business, legal, communication, design and software engineering experts. Make the best use of our network!


You can help by connecting

Have you worked with amazing people in the past who could help us stop the climate crisis? Connect us!

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