Green Radar Chart

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What you’re reading are thoughts for a possible Imagine Zero project. We’re publishing it early because it could change the world. There are more good ideas than good founders.

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Sustainability has become a poster child for brands and a status symbol for consumers. We create a fun and accessible tool that allows you to determine and show how green you are by answering a few questions. The responses are visible to encourage correct answers without complex control mechanisms. From the user’s responses, we calculate a green score and users can choose what areas they want to improve in with highly actionable suggestions provided by the platform. 

The primary interface element is a radar chart visualizing progress in different areas. Simple game mechanics push users to become more green and compete with their friends. The tool offers a long journey of possibilities but every step along the way is small, accessible and, most importantly, well explained with links to sources and further reading.

By balancing the rewards users get for each action, we can boost behavior that has the biggest direct or indirect impact on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. Rewarded actions range from household and mobility decarbonization to engagement in the climate movement, referrals, trainings, and propagating sustainability in the workplace.

Who else is in the space?

Check out Personal Behavior in the Imagine Zero Database to browse other players.


  • Users respond mostly truthfully to questions about themselves
  • Users share their results on social media
  • Users share their results via word of mouth
  • Users check out other users’ scores and detailed responses
  • Users compete over their green score.
  • Green scores roughly correlate to direct and indirect impact on the climate crisis
  • Users significantly reduce carbon emissions of themselves, their referrals or people the hold talks for.
  • Users trust the options and science we present them with.


This project is on hold as our team at Imagine Zero focuses on our website, starting communication around Imagine Zero and Matcha and of course finishing the MVP for Matcha.