FlyGood enables activists to campaign for more sustainable air travel and passengers to offset their trip emissions. Their paths cross at airports, where activists inform passengers about the environmental consequences of frequent flying and collect electronic donations.


Aviation’s greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants are responsible for 5% of the global temperature increase.

For many people flights are an integral part of the global economy and an undeniable social good. That makes it necessary to manage the negative effects flying creates. Emission offsetting is a solution which can effectively complement other positive trends in the aviation space (fuel efficiency increases, replacing air travel with videoconferencing).

What FlyGood does

FlyGood enables passengers to offset their trip emissions and activists to campaign for more sustainable air travel. Their paths cross at airports, where activists inform passengers about the environmental consequences of frequent flying and collect electronic donations.

Besides receiving easily accessible information, passengers can compensate their emissions in two ways: by planting trees with the UN campaign “Trillion Trees” and by donating to highly impactful NGOs like Fridays for Future. More options may follow in the future. With these options users can choose between merely cleaning up after themselves and supporting organizations that fight for an inhabitable Earth.

In fact, the aim of this project is to raise awareness and change values as much as it is to collect donations – and to do both at scale. We achieve that by partnering up with NGOs and other groups of volunteers, and enabling them to run high-involvement campaigns with FlyGood.


  1. An accessible user interface increases people’s willingness to offset.
  2. People will offset on-site, i.e. at the airport.
  3. Activists run physical campaigns with FlyGood.
  4. Local campaigns at airports raise enough awareness and/or donations for activists to repeat them.
  5. Activists refer FlyGood to other activists to run local campaigns.
  6. A significant portion of passengers use FlyGood to offset their emissions.
  7. Campaigns in airports attract media attention.

Who else is in the space?

Other providers of such services do not campaign, and their user interface is complex. With our easy approach and our partners in the NGO scene we want to make this a campaigning tool of cooperating NGOs.

  • Atmosfair has customer logins as well as a corporate section. The organization exists since 2005 and has operated on over 6M € in donations in 2017. 
  • Other carbon offsetting tools were designed by myclimate. These tools also include offsetting for cruises, events and more. 
  • Gold Standard tries to influence carbon impact not just by offsetting but also with advice for personal behavior. They provide their own nonprofit projects they invest into.

Take this further

  • Reach out to …
    • get to know the people behind FlyGood.
    • meet who’s already on it.
  • Marketing
    • Define and execute the PR concept for FlyGood.
    • Connect to the right media channels.
  • Campaigning
    • Organize volunteers and campaign with FlyGood and Imagine Zero.
  • Project Ownership
    • Own this project and make it big!

Who is on it?

Andre Reichel
Andre Reichel

Daily contributor & Co-Founder, NGO-experience and climate activist

Daniel Dembach

Daily contributor, Head of Engineering, Full-stack expert, coach and experienced engineer.

How we work together

  • At Imagine Zero
    • We work full-time and are responsive to your needs
    • We have daily standups
    • We use issue tracking to organize our work
  • If you want to manage this project, we want you to
    • Define clear commitments and communication preferences you can reasonably stick to
    • Decide what cadence suits you and the the rest of the team
    • Measure impact of existing coaching relationships.
    • Create a concept on how to scale this project to have more impact.
  • We all work for free.
  • We have access to possible donors and funds, talk to us!
  • We have good access to marketing, sales, business, legal, communication, design and software engineering experts. Make the best use of our network!

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