Matcha is a free, accessible web app that provides immediately actionable options to participate in climate organizations. Recommendations are easily personalized.

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Want to engage against the climate crisis? Matcha shows you how.

Matcha provides you with immediately actionable options to participate in the climate movement. We collected, scored and curated the full spectrum of activities, from the best newsletters and most relevant petitions to online trainings, local groups, creating your own artwork, the most important protests to internships and full-time volunteering positions.

Matchai is a free, accessible web app that empowers and guides you to the best ways of engaging, provides help and follows up to provide help along your journey.

Climate science had a simple message since the 1970s

In the 1890s the greenhouse effect was described comprehensively. 1950s research showed how burning fossil fuels causes global heating. In the 1970s and 1980s it became scientific consensus that we’re heating up Earth. Climate science is often wrongfully characterized as complex and unclear. What really is complex is responding effectively. It requires unprecedented global collaboration and strong science-based policies. But taking action can be confusing and hard even for the individual: we’re presented with infinite lists of things to do ranging from small, easy improvements to radical changes in our way of life.

Individual action is complicated

First, for the general population it remains largely unclear how to best invest their time to stop the climate crisis. Second, new norms and values rarely spread through rational individual insight, but rather through exposure to people sharing them. Therefore it’s critical that motivated people connect and team up with like-minded climate activists. The faster the climate movement generates momentum, the more likely it is that politics takes drastic action for markets to adapt and smartly solve the problems we have.

The main blocker for people willing to take action is that the information on what organizations exist and what you can do with them is scattered over the internet.

Searching available activities in the climate movement, assessing effort and impact and comparing them to one another is too time-consuming for most. We did that research extensively and Matcha makes the results accessible for everybody.

Following Up

Our CRM automatically shares new relevant content, learns from users’ experience and keeps them active beyond one-time recommendations.

Matcha makes it easier to find the perfect place in the climate movement and empowers users to engage. It also enables people who want to do good but haven’t participated in social movements before.


  1. Not enough people engage in the climate movement because there is a knowledge and accessibility gap between intention and action. Conversion from intent to engagement is reduced by these factors:
    • The research needed to find activities is a barrier to entry for potential volunteers
    • The abundance of choices is a pain point for potential volunteers
    • Potential volunteers want to know the impact of activities they consider taking on
    • Potential volunteers need an aggregated, comparative overview of available options.
  2. Supply (volunteers) and demand (actionable activities) are not efficiently meeting each other through existing channels. 
  3. There is excess supply (volunteers): the available impactful options can absorb (most of) the people willing to volunteer. 

Who else is in the space?

The idea of Matcha comes from observing that it is virtually impossible to find impactful personalised recommendations on the internet.

A motivated user willing to find an answer to the question “what can I do against the climate crisis?” might either

  • Join a previously known group or association
  • Look up alternatives on Google
  • Conduct a more structured research.

With any of these options, either the full picture is missing when making a choice, or a lot of effort has to be repeated by every single user.

In addition to that, some limited or non-personalised alternatives exist: 

  • Possible combines suggested activities with longer text content. It covers personal behavior as well as ways to engage in local (UK) and online activism.
  • GreenQuarantine recommends grassroots as well as personal behavior options. The web page is static and easy to access. 
  • Patagonia Action Works recommends grassroots, petitions and campaigns within diverse fields of interests including climate. Also provides different filter options. 
  • Idealist recommends jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities that have social impact in different areas, including climate change. Also provides structured search and filtering options.
  • Project Pura is yet unpublished. Seemingly they’re working on a downloadable app that lets you discover climate and sustainability-related projects.
  • is a recently published website using email to provide meaningful suggestions against the climate crisis.

Current Status

  • Preliminary research completed
  • Concept fully defined
  • MVP implementation in progress
  • Next steps:
    • Add new and improve existing content and copy
    • Strengthen social media presence.
Andre Reichel
Andre Reichel

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Senior Product & project manager, Daily contributor.

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Rebecca Dembach

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Alexander Thiel

CTO, Angel Investor, Founder and daily contributor.

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Short and long copy, translation, Lead Copy at FreeNow

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