Here’s what’s happening on Imagine Zero’s mission to stop the climate crisis by building startup NGOs.

Climate Simulator En-ROADS

En-ROADS does a great Job in explaining the climate crisis and the mechanisms which the global society needs to trigger to bring us on the right track for a healthy planet.

GiveZero is live!

Hello Friends!  Our latest project at Imagine Zero went live today. Introducing: GiveZero- where each present to yourself or a loved one cleans the air. The lockdown(s) have given us a chance to catch up on our reading lists and we thought, why not give bookmarks that provide an additional benefit? Each bookmark supports a…

Nonprofit Ventures

Coming up with more green goods and services doesn’t make best use of our strongest asset: founders. Instead of increasing green supply, let’s increase public pressure and change policy. Then, markets can solve the climate crisis in time. We have some ideas…

What the US Election means for the Paris Agreement

When President Trump was elected in 2016, he made it clear that the U.S would stop all participation in the 2015 Paris Agreement, as part of his policy to put the (U.S) economy first. Formal notice of the withdrawal was made on November 4, 2019, which requires a 12-month notice period. The timing of the…


A Berlin-based incubator/accelerator with topical programmes, each connecting nascent initiatives, existing businesses and politics


The best way of finding out what’s going on and how to take action is to listen and talk to those who are already active.

Jeanette joins

This is the first time in our short history that we’re closing a job posting, namely that of copy expert! 🎉 Jeanette built her career in corporates, agencies and startups to become Lead Copy at FreeNow in 2019. It’s inspiring to see how she already pushes the quality of our communication to new heights. Among…

Creative Brief

We created a creative brief that has all information necessary to create impactful memes, videos or entire campaigns to raise awareness for the climate crisis.

Website Online

Hello World! After a long weekend the first, incomplete version of our new website is online. The next few days will see a lot of work to smoothen the edges. But what a delight to see the first glimpses of public light shine on Imagine Zero. 💚