Knowledge kick-start

Ever wanted to quickly get an overview on the climate crisis? We’re here to help!

How much time do we have?

We can’t hit 1.5C anymore. Even 2C is almost impossible and might not be enough. Nonetheless: The faster we reduce emissions, the more of Earth will remain inhabitable.

Creative Brief

We created a creative brief that has all information necessary to create impactful memes, videos or entire campaigns to raise awareness for the climate crisis.

Startup NGOs

Coming up with more green goods and services doesn’t make best use of our strongest asset: founders. Instead of increasing green supply, let’s increase public pressure and change policy. Then, markets can solve the climate crisis in time. We have some ideas…


The best way of finding out what’s going on and how to take action is to listen and talk to those who are already active.

Projects we didn’t do

At Imagine Zero we continuously research, collect, discuss and scrutinize ideas. There are countless ideas we discard after the first deeper session. Some make it further and we document them.

Climate Glossary

There are so many terms in and around the fight against the climate crisis that we decided to collect and explain them.

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