The people behind Imagine Zero come together to solve the climate crisis. Many pay for their time contribution out of their own pocket but we need investments to make the most of the little time humanity has left. We have an office in Hamburg St. Pauli and work a lot in our home offices in Hamburg and Berlin. Because most of us worked together for years in different setups, we know and trust each other and can fully focus on our mission. Again and again, inspiring people join our team. We take good care that everybody at Imagine Zero is intrinsically motivated, and an ambitious and uncompromising team player – and of course shares our values.

What we cherish

Our vision is a world in which humans are empowered and find community in taking responsibility for our shared future.
Together, we develop projects that allow everybody to do something against the climate crisis.

  • Self-Empowerment. We create opportunities and encourage you to make your own choices.
  • Curiosity. We listen to people and the climate movement. It’s important for us to discover new people and ideas. We don’t stop learning.
  • Acceptance. We don’t judge people. We don’t tell you what to do. We’re open if you’re hesitant about the climate movement. We communicate non-violently.
  • Credibility. You can trust us. We make transparent how we work. We don’t make unsubstantiated claims. We collaborate professionally.

Let’s change the world together!

Imagine Zero thrives on people that work on projects. And on our networks, that is the people who consult, give feedback and refer us. Our projects benefit from diverse skills, for example venture development, project management, design, communication, social media, software engineering, PR and experience in NGOs to only name a few. For us you neither have to move nor quit your job. A conversation is enough!

Want to stay tuned?

Roles we specifically look out for

For some of our projects we look for people that bring specific experiences to the table. Is there a hit for yourself or somebody from your network?

Social Media Manager

Design and apply a strategy which inspires people worldwide to use our platform to find out where they can best engage. By increasing its reach and building a committed audience, you directly recruit people for the climate movement.

FlyGood Activist

Be part of our Flygood Activists Team and you will have the chance to change people’s minds and collect donations for a climate active initiative of your choice. Imagine Zero’s project FlyGood is a web app that allows to campaign with very limited time resources and a strong team.