Phileas e.V.

Excitement! This is the first IZ venture graduating as a dedicated legal entity. On this beautiful summer day the Phileas team took an important step to creating an open and diverse future society. After 15 months from ideation to implementation we are very proud to announce the great news and look forward to serve more…

Climate Solutions 101

Project Drawdown led the world’s biggest effort to research, compile and map out concrete mitigation steps we can take to stop the climate crisis. Last week, they launched Climate Solutions 101, it’s a 6-part educational video series only focused on solutions for the climate crisis.

Alexander @ Changemaker Podcast

Doing good must have measurable impact, be fun and allow those who act to realize their potential. A lot of the things said in this interview reflect the philosophy behind Imagine Zero.

Individual Action

The climate crisis can only be solved by organizing for different politics. But there are also small things every citizen can do to take action.

Climate Simulator En-ROADS

En-ROADS does a great Job in explaining the climate crisis and the mechanisms which the global society needs to trigger to bring us on the right track for a healthy planet.

GiveZero is live!

Hello Friends!  Our latest project at Imagine Zero went live today. Introducing: GiveZero- where each present to yourself or a loved one cleans the air. The lockdown(s) have given us a chance to catch up on our reading lists and we thought, why not give bookmarks that provide an additional benefit? Each bookmark supports a…

Nonprofit Ventures

Coming up with more green goods and services doesn’t make best use of our strongest asset: founders. Instead of increasing green supply, let’s increase public pressure and change policy. Then, markets can solve the climate crisis in time. We have some ideas…

What the US Election means for the Paris Agreement

When President Trump was elected in 2016, he made it clear that the U.S would stop all participation in the 2015 Paris Agreement, as part of his policy to put the (U.S) economy first. Formal notice of the withdrawal was made on November 4, 2019, which requires a 12-month notice period. The timing of the…


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