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We’re a collective of founders, professionals and activists. We think and work like a commercial startup. We’re a nonprofit and impact is our KPI. Work with us and save the world.

We have open challenges ready for you become part of the collective. Together we can make climate activism fun, accessible and scalable. 💚

Great Humans

We’re on a shared mission. And we spent years building strong teams that help, inspire and learn from each other.

Case Scrutiny

What’s the difference between a good and a great case? Rely on years of startup coaching, build-vs-buy decisions, and venture assessment.


Dozens of ventures, founders and professionals benefit from our advice, coaching, feedback and hands-on help.


Staffing, contracts, legal setup, tools, and frameworks: Stopping the climate is enough work – don’t also reinvent the wheel.


Thinking about creating a new organization? Let us help on a strong case for donors and VCs in our network.

Open Challenges

Volunteer challenges

We’re a nonprofit collective and these are our open challenges. Join to use your strengths against the climate crisis.

Join our Fundraising team
4 hours/week Fundraising BusDev Key Account Networking

We make climate action fun and accessible. Participants’ contributions of time and money multiply our impact and make Imagine Zero the smartest target for donations. Our fundraising team builds lasting connections with donors and make our work possible.

Join our Communications team
4 hours/week Marketing Communication Content PR Networking

We make climate action fun and accessible. Let’s inspire others to do the same! The faster we can grow scalable climate activism, the less damage we cause to ecosystems and humans. Help us spread the word.

Recruit great people to work on our challenges
2 hours/week BusDev Recruiting Sourcing Communication

This is our meta challenge. 😉 If you enjoy recruiting or business development, this is your opportunity to use your skills in a professional startup setting to fight the climate crisis. Get us the A-players necessary to save the world!

Author whitepaper on startup techniques in the nonprofit space
Several days Research Social Sciences

The main ingredients to startup growth are scalable (business) models, rapid iteration and a specific mindset (user-centricity, growth hacking, agile software engineering).

Where are these techniques already used for the common good? This whitepaper could be one of the most important innovations for nonprofits of our time. We don’t find time to write it but would be excited to support you in any way possible!

Map the space and improve IZdb
One hour Research Knowledge

Part of our work is building a good understanding of who else is trying to stop the climate crisis.

IZdb (Imagine Zero database) is our map of the space. It’s freely available and you can help make it better.

Introduce our approach to your audience
A few hours Media Content Journalism

Does your audience want to see startup skills deployed to stopping the climate crisis? Help our shared cause by connecting us with the right people. After all, our motto is Strength in Numbers.

Help us with design and copywriting
Several Days Design UX UI Copywriting

Our website was good enough to get you to read this. But our aspiration is to be an example for professionals all over the world to take action against the climate crisis. Help us shine a light by being on point in our visual and textual communication.

Startup challenges

Use entrepreneurship skills and business acumen to turn ideas into the next nonprofit venture. Whether you work on growth model, pitch, or execute: You’re in control and we’re here to help.

Bootstrap Scalable Campaigning
Bootstrapping Campaigning Social Media C2C

Scalable Campaigning (needs a better name eventually) is a proposed campaign format that pressures consumer brands to commit to sustainable behavior. Social media users directly reach out to followers of brands with a gap between their green image and reality. Through fun, non-judgmental messaging and links to alternative products, pressure is created where it matters: A company’s fanbase and its bottom line.

Prototyping this case takes a few weeks of part-time work and some volunteers with social media account. We’re terribly excited about this one and happy to help!

Bootstrap Impact 1on1
Bootstrapping Coaching Consulting B2B NGOs

Impact 1on1 is a proposed non-profit coaching and consulting offering to help mission-critical NGO with free-of charge support (consulting, mentoring, hands-on help). Drive this forward. We’re happy to provide access to mentors and coaches for NGOs.

This project needs a pitch, small business case and a well-executed MVP. Want to work on any of these?

Disrupt face-to-face marketing with peer2peer
Bootstrapping Marketing Fundraising B2B2/B2C Business Opportunity

Our project FlyGood enables activists to convince travelers to compensate their flights and receiving a small commission. We’re building a self-sustaining protest-, awareness- and compensation-machine. Why not extend the concept to fundraising in general?

With our help, you can explore and develop a case, non/for-profit to allow everybody to do distributed self-service fundraising. From home or on the streets.

What’s your challenge?

And most importantly, how can we help you fight the climate crisis?

Meet our Friends

These are only a few of the amazing organizations and individuals that help us succeed.


ClimateFounders builds a strong early-stage ecosystem for climate startups. We mentor and support entrepreneurs and help each other to save the day.

Curious Capital

Alexander is a member of the investment committee at Curious Capital, giving us access to donors, VCs, startups as well as hands-on help.

Planet A

Planet A is Europe’s biggest fund with a rigorous, science-based climate focus. We collaborate on venture assessment and case exploration.


ProjectTogether is an early-stage nonprofit incubator. They bring key German stakeholders together to achieve systemic impact in several areas, including the climate.

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Let’s do more.

Our combined strength can stop the climate crisis.

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