Do you know founders?

Point them to our article Startup NGOs. We should talk about changing the world together!

You can decarbonize your life.

  • Remove your yearly greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere using 50zero!
  • Offset your flights with flyGood, one of our projects

Update your knowledge.

Our article Knowledge kickstart gets you up to speed on the past, present and possible future of the climate crisis. Also, our project Matcha has English and German e-learning opportunities.

Want to become part of the community?

Again, check out our rich article Community with links to podcasts, slack community and grassroots organizations.

How about joining an NGO?

This is special! Our project Matcha 🇩🇪  shows you the most important and most effective activities in the German climate movement; and of course explains what to expect and how to get started.

Want to stay tuned?

Roles we specifically look out for

For some of our projects we look for people that bring specific experiences to the table. Is there a hit for yourself or somebody from your network?

FlyGood Activist

Be part of our Flygood Activists Team and you will have the chance to change people’s minds and collect donations for a climate active initiative of your choice. Imagine Zero’s project FlyGood is a web app that allows to campaign with very limited time resources and a strong team.