How we work

We’re out of time. Changing policy and values isn’t easy. Imagine Zero builds super-efficient startup NGOs to stop the climate crisis. We love goal-driven performance culture, iterative, agile Processes, staffing from fast-growing environments and we’re an NGO: Our output is impact.

We’re out of time and only engagement at scale will stop the climate crisis. At Imagine Zero, founders build user-centric digital NGOs to playfully nudge society.


With Imagine Zero, ambitious professionals can deploy their skills to fight the climate crisis.

Our disruptive NGOs make it fun and rewarding to fight the climate crisis.

Strength in Numbers

We make data-driven decisions. We work in short iterations to learn and adapt every week.

Our projects target millions of participants and empower them make a measurable impact on the climate crisis.

So, what does a workday look like?

We develop projects

Imagine Zero is a collective of professionals who build projects. Each project targets outside participants and makes it easy for them to take meaningful, measurable action against the climate crisis. We ideate, staff, support, and help with fundraising.

We grow a community

We give and receive support from non- and for-profit organizations as well as activists who fight the climate crisis. And we’re always recruiting for our projects: We create opportunities for ambitious professionals to use their skills for the greater good.

How we think

Goal-Driven Performance Culture

We love working hard. And it’s only sustainable because of self-care and our loving team.

Iterative, Agile Processes

Because our success is a function of how quickly we learn and adapt, we retrospect and improve every week.

Staffing from fast-growing environments

We repeat our successes in the commercial sector. This time they make a difference.

We’re an NGO: Our output is impact.

We use our business acumen to maximize the impact of the donations we receive.

Go further.

Join our mission to rethink activism.

Track records in

  • product management.
  • marketing.
  • software engineering.
  • sales.
  • branding.

Using tech to improve society has precedent. This is our inspiration.

Bellingcat is an investigative journalism organization that specialises in fact-checking and open-source intelligence. They used openly available data from social media and leaks to attribute the attempted assassination of Alexander Nawalny and the downing of MH17 to Russian security services.

ProjectTogether is a Berlin-based incubator with topical programs, each connecting nascent initiatives, existing businesses and politics. They want to get these players on a table to drive systemic change, i.e. connection and learning are more important than venture success. They use the startup mindset to drive systemic change.

Safecast is an organization and community devoted to open citizen science for the environment. During the nuclear disaster at Fukushima they deployed self-made open-hardware Geiger counters to the population to challenge official numbers and save lives.

The Citizen Lab a Canadian laboratory that studies attempts to undermine the openness and security of the Internet and threaten human rights. The Lab uses a deep understanding of technology, data mining, field research, and social science methods to repeatedly uncover the use of spyware and surveillance against journalists, human rights activists and whole populations.

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