Creating Value

It’s urgent. Let’s make a difference. Learn how we create value for society, citizens, professionals and investors.

It’s urgent. Let’s make a difference.


If humanity fails to manage its own fate, our civilization might get destroyed by the climate crisis or other threats. In a few million years, human impact on Earth and its ecosystems will be invisible. Our behavior as a civilization is much less a threat to our planet than it is to ourselves, our technology and our culture.

If we minimize the impact of climate change, we protect billions from food shortages, extreme weather events and forced migration. By taking responsibility for our future and our environment, we not only protect what we’ve built, but we take an important step forward as a global civilization.


Imagine Zero’s ventures empower people to make meaningful use of their time. Working together to stop the climate crisis creates community around a positive narrative, overcomes disenfranchisement and showcases that all it takes to change the world is people to care and act.


Employers brand themselves as making the world a better place to successfully attract talent but economic realities and shareholder value tend to win when in conflict with mission statements and core values.

With Imagine Zero professionals can give their best in a familiar working environment but their time and skills become purposeful and valuable to society. New connections with like-minded investors, fellow venture builders, and mentors strengthen personal networks and increase their impact against the crisis.

During today’s unprecedented global economic contraction we offer highly qualified people (some even laid off or in furlough schemes) a way to use their skills for what’s important.


Our investors enable the best problem-solvers to use their time and skills to stop climate change and in doing so bring their own unique skill set to the table: investing money smartly into the right people. They inspire others to accept their shared responsibility for our future and make a convincing point that the skill sets that propel companies forward are essential in tackling global challenges to our society.