Impact 1on1

Free-of-charge coaching, consulting and advice from seasoned professionals

Impact 1on1 is a non-profit coaching and consulting network. Our mission is to help NGOs fighting the climate crisis to increase their impact through time-bound coaching, mentoring, and project-based support. We do this on top of our daytime jobs, free of charge. Gigs range from monthly coaching sessions to closer project-based collaboration with several hours a week.

Who we support

We focus on helping climate NGOs that have high potential to positively impact global decarbonization and that are at mission-critical points of their journey. Examples are phases of professionalization, expansion, new initiatives or participation in critical political processes with governments and corporations alike.

Who we are

We have the expertise to offer help in these  areas: business operations and management, growth, project management, product management, ideation, software development, data analysis and visualization, communication and visual design, coaching, people management, leadership, productivity tools.

We’re a network of experienced professionals who believe in open communication, continuous learning, helping others and knowledge sharing. We are results-driven, and know that making a long-lasting impact takes plenty of effort. That is why we want to help you make a difference and solve issues that matter.

Get Coaching

Grow your skills and solve problems in specific areas through regular or situational coaching.

Maximise Outcome

Identify opportunities to maximise your impact with the help of domain experts.

Access Network

Get in touch with talented professionals and leaders from the startup industry.

Impact 1on1 is a project of Imagine Zero, a nonprofit incubator that builds and scales solutions that let everybody fight the climate crisis.

Steps to get coaching

  1. Think about your current and upcoming challenges.
  2. Reach out to one of us. Please provide some background on yourself and the problems you’re facing.
  3. The two of you talk and decide if and what format to use for a coaching relationship.

Our Mission

Provide free coaching and consulting to climate NGOs to boost impact and help bridge the gap between businesses and nonprofits.


Impact 1on1 started within Imagine Zero, a new nonprofit incubator which bootstraps projects that help against the climate crisis. This is our attempt at answering the question: “How can experienced professionals boost NGOs’ impact?” in a straightforward and effective way. 

After reaching out to several climate nonprofits active in local communities all over Germany, we realised that there is immense potential for us to help by bringing together our management and problem-solving expertise with the domain knowledge that NGOs hold. 

Over time we had established several coaching relationships and informal exchanges with amazing people in nonprofits. As we became aware of the value these conversations created for all involved, we decided to formalize this and put extra effort in making impact 1on1 available where it adds the most value to fighting the climate crisis.